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Mechinox not only specializes in heat exchangers, but are also suppliers of a wide range of Alfa Laval pumps for hygienic and Ultra pure proccesses, below are a few of the pumps we offer, contact us for more information on pumps

Sanitary Pumps


Quiet but rugged, Alfa Laval’s LKH series of centrifugal pumps are the ultimate solution for gentle and efficient product handling. Through a combination of enlarged inlets and advanced impeller design, they offer an unobstructed product. See More



Standard Duty Pumps


Alfa Laval’s standard-duty centrifugal pumps are designed to offer high value for money. In addition to gentle product handling and efficient operation, they offer high reliability and possibilities for swift and easy See More




Liquid Ring pumps


Through the simplicity of its design and service reliability, the MR liquid ring pump series is a costeffective solution for products containing air or gas. See More




Positive Pumps



Designed for low, medium and high-viscosity media, Alfa Laval positive pumps offer gentle pumping action and reliablenperformance which results from more than 50 years of continuous development. See More




Pumps can be supplied as bareshaft for mounting locally in the process line or within a skid. Alternatively, Alfa Laval offers the units fully motorized using robust, reliable and efficient geared drives. See more

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