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Sanitary Pumps

Quiet but rugged, Alfa Laval’s LKH series of centrifugal pumps are the ultimate solution for gentle and efficient product handling. Through a combination of enlarged inlets and advanced impeller design, they offer an unobstructed product flow, very low NPSH requirements and superior hydraulic efficiency. Designed for CIP (cleaning-in-place), LKH pumps are available in capacities of up to 500 m3/h and pressures of up to 190 m (19 bar), with different versions available for specific applications.

LKH Sanitary Pump


The LKH is a highly efficient and economical centrifugal pump range, which meets the requirements of sanitary processes for gentle product treatment, hygiene and chemical resistance. Its front-loaded design makes quick, effective maintenance possible, thereby contributing to more production time and low cost of ownership. Available in 13 sizes, the LKH features efficient drives which make it possible to optimize performance for the selected duty as well as comply
with 3-A, CE and EHEDG requirements.

LKH UltraPure

LKH UltraPure pumps are high-purity pumps that meet specifications for water-for-injection (WFI) and other demanding applications. Authorized to carry the 3-A symbol, they are suitable for both CIP (cleaning-in-place), SIP (sterilization-in-place) and manual cleaning. LKH UltraPure pumps are also available with a 0.5 μm (150 grit) finish, flushed seal kit and a comprehensive Q-doc documentation package to smooth the qualification and validation process.LKH UltraPure. See More


Highly efficient and economical, the LKHex centrifugal
pump meets the requirements of the ATEX directive
94/9 IEC group II, categories 2G and 3G with
temperature classes T1~T4. 8



An extension of the LKH range, the LKHI has an internal seal for use in applications that require higher inlet pressures of up to 16 bar. The simple, effective design is well suited, although not limited to, filtration-type applications and combines reliable and efficient operation with ease of maintenance.

LKH Multistage Sanitary Pump

Designed to 3-A standards and available in two-, threeor
four-stage models, LKH Multistage pumps save space
and energy by replacing up to three booster pumps in a
line. Used primarily in high-pressure applications with low
capacity, they withstand system pressures up to 40 bar
and deliver boost pressures up to 19 bar. This makes them
suitable for, but not limited to, many types of filtration

LKHPF High Pressure

Pumps in the LKHPF High Pressure series feature a reinforced pump casing and backplate, as well as high pressure internal seals and multiple heavy-duty studs. This enables them to handle inlet pressures as high as 40 bar, making them ideal for nanofiltration and reverse osmosis filtration. Their seals can be removed in a matter of seconds, without removal of the back plate.


Pumps in the LKHSP series are selfpriming, which means they can be used to pump products containing air or gas. This makes them ideal as return pumps in CIP (cleaning-inplace) systems, as well as for emptying tanks. LKHSP pumps feature a tank, a non-return valve (normally closed) on the inlet side, a
tee and a non-return valve (normally open) on the bypass line. Identical shaft seal for easy maintenance and flexibility. Only one size of shaft seal is required for all LKH standard models
(LKH 5–60) and SolidC (SolidC 1–4), which makes keeping the right parts in inventory simple and inexpensive. Plus, a single mechanical seal can easily be changed to a flushed or double mechanical seal in minutes with just a few extra components. Maximum shaft seal interchangeability for pump ranges. Front-loaded design.

LKH Evap

LKH Evap are sanitary pumps with high efficiency and the lowest NPSH requirements, making them ideal for use in evaporation applications, such as liquid concentration and powder processing solutions, as well as in dewatering plants. Using the optional clear flow impeller design, process optimization can be achieved in applications where there is a risk of hard layer deposits

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