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Heat Exchangers Africa

Heat exchangers are pieces of mechanical machinery designed for the efficient transfer of thermal energy from one fluid to another in a process to either conserve energy or to achieve a desirable outcome such as heating a fluid to a specified temperature. Heat Exchangers are used in many engineering processes to heat or cool fluid and gases.

Heat exchangers are used all over in everyday activities; probably the most common form of heat exchanger is a cars radiator that uses water to transfer heat away from a car’s engine to keep the engine from overheating.

We here at Mechinox are specialists in heat transfer and have many years’ experience in a wide array of applications.

Products We Offer:

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

  • Steam-water Heating
  • Oil Cooling
  • Freon gas Condensers
  • Freon gas Evaporators
  • Freon gas desuperheaters

Gasketed Plate Exchangers

  • General water-to-water heating or cooling
  • Oil heating or cooling
  • Product heating or cooling
  • Steam-water heating
  • Marine engine coolers
  • Acid heating and cooling
  • and more..

Plate Heat Exchanger Servicing

  • Plate Chemical Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger refurbishment
  • Re-gasketing

Tubular heat exchanger design & Fabrication

System Design & Fabrication

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